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New Patient Foot Health Assessment and Treatment – 

All patients who are new to the practice need this initial appointment. The circulation of the feet, sensation and general foot condition will be assesses. As part of our duty of care, a treatment plan will be discussed, agreed and initial treatment and advice will be given.

Traditional Podiatry / Chiropody

Our most popular treatment. Nails will be cut, filed and thickness reduced, if required. Any dry, hard skin or corns will be removed and cracked heels smoothed. Moisturiser is applied to finish.

Extensive Podiatry / Chiropody

A longer appointment to allow time for full treatment to be given on those with more complex foot problems,

Just Nails

Simply nail cutting and filing, plus an application of moisturiser, for uncomplicated nails. Please note that this appointment does not cover thickened nails, hard skin or corns). A New Patient Foot Health Assessment must be made first to assess eligibility.

Verruca Treatments

We offer a range of verruca treatments from professional caustic application to the ground-breaking new Swift Microwave Therapy. During a New Patient Foot Health Assessment the available treatment options will be discussed and treatment plan agreed.

Fungal Nail Treatments and Fungal Test

To check if a nail is fungally infected we can perform an in-clinic test in just five minutes.

Following a confirmed diagnosis, we can perform specialised techniques to allow anti-fungal sprays to work on the nail bed. Combined with treatment of the skin, this treatment offers effective treatment of fungal nails without the need for tablets.

Spa Pedicure Treatments 

Using the Prende Spa range, which contains essential oils, we can give you a tailored pedicure which addresses your needs. Following a Podiatry / Chiropody treatment to shape and thin your nails, if required, and remove all dry skin, corns and callus effectively, you can choose either; a mineral soak, exfoliation and massage or; a Prende warm wax application and massage. All spa pedicures are followed by an application of Dr’s Remedy Nail colour, or nail hydration treatment. 

Luxury Spa Pedicure

This is “the works”! Full Podiatry / Chiropody Treatment, mineral soak, exfoliation, Prende warm wax application, foot and leg massage, nail painting.  And a free gift of your choice of nail varnish or hydration treatment to take home.

Nail Painting

Dr’s Remedy nail polish, which is designed by Podiatrists not to be damaging to the nails, can be applied after any treatment for an additional charge. Please request this when making an appointment and bring flip-flops or sandals to wear afterwards.


A non-intrusive complementary health therapy. Read more here. 

Foot and Lower Leg Massage

Relax in our specialised spa room while our holistic therapist massages your feet ans lower legs with warm oil. A true treat.

Biomechanical Assessment and Orthotics

Assessment, advice and treatment for symptoms such as foot, knee, hip or back pain, walking problems or sports injuries.


The Foot Room provides specialised podiatry care. It's the first step to pain-free walking. Our modern clinic in the centre of Longridge is easy to access from Preston, Fulwood, Clitheroe, Whalley, Blackburn and Garstang. We also have a satellite clinic in Broughton.

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