This week I had terrible toothache. Who was my first port of call? My Dentist, of course.  No question. No Googling, no asking a friend…just my Dentist.  And who cured my pain? My Dentist, of course!   

I was offered an emergency appointment the very next day.  The receptionist greeted me with a Covid screening triage, and I felt safe that everything was clean.  The Dentist was confident he could help me, he administered local anaesthetic in a flash and, with great skill gained from years of practice, he removed the offending tooth.  Brilliant. Who else would you need for a problem tooth?

The next question is, who would you seek advice from if you had a problem foot? An ingrowing toenail or plantar fasciitis?  Surely a Podiatrist?

This week alone I have seen an advert for a running shoe shop that is offering treatment for plantar fasciitis and chemist offering a DIY ingrowing toenail kit.  It seems the public are not so clear about who best to seek advice from regarding foot problems.

So, just in case my point isn’t clear.  Podiatrists are experts in all things foot related.  Their 3-year honours degree covers all manner of foot problems from simple nail care to use of local anaesthesia.  Treatment of verrucae and fungal nails through to biomechanical assessments for runner’s foot pains.  They can assess, diagnose, advise and treat most ailments of the foot and lower limb, without the need for a GP referral. 

You wouldn’t trust anyone other than a Dentist for your teeth, so why trust anyone other than a Podiatrist for your feet?


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