Ingrowing toenails are caused when a spike or corner of the nail pierces the surrounding skin. As the nail grows it pushes deeper causing pain and infection. Antibiotics will help the infection but only taking away the offending piece of nail will provide the cure. Often, Podiatrists can gently cut away the edge of the nail that’s causing the problem, without the need for surgery or anaesthetic and this solves the pain. However, in some cases we need to do a minor surgical procedure.

Involuted nails are nails that are curved at the edges and can cause pain when they are under pressure of shoes or sometimes even the bedsheets.  Routine Podiatry treatment can ease the symptoms but when it is recurring and comes back frequently a surgical solution can provide long term relief.

You may not know but Podiatrists can use local anaesthetic, just like Dentists do. Which means we can perform surgical procedures to improve certain conditions.  Nails surgery is one of these.

It sounds a bit gruesome, but I can assure you that it isn’t.  Once the toe is numb, the Podiatrist can slim the nail by gently taking a sliver away from one or both sides of the nails.  You don’t feel or see a thing! We are careful to prevent the offending pieces from growing back so that, once it has all healed, you will have a slimmer nail, which doesn’t cause the same problems again. 

If you’re having persistent problems with ingrowing toenails or nail pain the solution is available right here at The Foot Room.


The Foot Room Longridge and Broughton offer outstanding Chiropody and Podiatry for the areas of Fulwood, Preston, Garstang and Whalley. We specialise in treatments for ingrowing toenails, fungal nails, verruca, corns and dry cracked heels. We do gait analysis and biomechanical assessments for sports injuries and orthotics as well as spa pedicures, warm wax treatments and nail painting.

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