I was out for lunch with a friend last summer and she pointed to a lady walking by in sandals…

“Yuk! Just look at those Asda Heels!! She said. I had no idea what she meant. “It’s like Bingo Wings. Asda Heels are the horrible dry cracked heels you see on some people in the summer” she clarified.

Dry, cracked heels are unsightly, they damage tights and socks and when the skin splits it can be very painful.  So why do we get them and what can be done?

Our skin is kept oily by small organs called sebaceous glands. The are located in the sweat ducts and secrete an oil which is moved onto the skin by the sweat. This oil keeps the skin supple. The skin around the heel needs to be flexible so that when we walk it can stretch. 

They are not just confined to the summer months, it’s just when we tend to see them.  In the winter, our skin doesn’t sweat as much, and the hydrating oils can’t be moved onto the skin. Frosty weather and central heating can be harsh on the skin too.  In the summer, our feet can sweat too much which can wash away the oils and wearing sandals exposes the skin to dust and heat which can really dry the skin.

Treatment of cracked heels.

  • Once the skin has cracked, it can be very painful.
  • If the skin is sore or bleeding a dressing will need to be applied. Hydrocolloid type dressings provide a moist healing environment and will stay on during showering.
  • Once the skin has healed, applying a high concentration urea cream will soften the skin.  Apply the cream, put a damp sock over the top and a dry sock over that. This helps the cream soak into the skin.
  • Professional podiatry treatment is often required to reduce the hard skin to a level that home treatments will be successful.

Preventing dry cracked heels

  • Avoid soaking feet in soap or detergent as it removes naturally occurring oils.
  • Keep hard skin to a minimum by using a foot file to gently sand the skin.
  • Use a urea-based foot cream daily to hydrate and soften the skin.
  • Regular Podiatry treatment removes the hard skin gently and professionally.
  • Warm wax therapy is a relaxing and hydrating treatment which improves the texture and appearance of dry skin. (link to spa treatments)

So, there’s no need to have “Asda Heel” this summer! Follow our Top Tips to get your feet looking and feeling just perfect before the sandal season starts.


The Foot Room Longridge and Broughton provided exceptional Podiatry and Chiropody treatment for dry cracked heels, corns, hard skin, verrucas, ingrowing toenails and fungal nails.  We are within easy reach of Preston, Fulwood, Garstang, Whalley, Clitheroe and Blackburn.

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