Recently, a satisfied customer left us a glowing review on Google, she said that her friend asked if she’d had a facelift, “no” she said, “it’s just my feet don’t hurt now”! I’m not sure how true the story is, but I know exactly what she meant, because pain shows on your face.

There are not many professions where a customer can walk in with pain and walk out in comfort.  The relief is often instant and can change our patients physical and mental well-being.  It gives us an immense amount of job satisfaction.

This week, a friend of mine stopped me to ask me to pass on her thanks to the Podiatrist, on our team, that had looked after her husband last week. He was worried that his foot pain would stop them from doing a planned walk on a weekend away, but as soon as he had had treatment, he realised that he would be able to do it after all. Happy husband, happy wife, happy holidays!

And also this week, another friend who had been here for treatment messaged me with more thanks to pass on. She had slept on her tummy for the first time in months, now that her toenail wasn’t hurting any more.

Its quite simple really, the most common service that we provide here at The Foot Room is pain relief and we mostly do it without inflicting any pain.  We gently reduce the thickness of painful nails, we ease ingrowing toenails, we carefully remove corns.  For those with pain caused by how they walk, we can provide foot supports to realign.  Our Reflexologist can provide relief from pain and improve sleep.

We truly appreciate those who give their time to write a review, it really helps raise the online profile of our business and we really want to spread the word about how amazing we are.  You can find our Google page here, if you would like to leave a review


The Foot Room Longridge and Broughton provide exceptional Podiatry and Chiropody to the people of Longridge, Fulwood, Garstang, Whalley and Clitheroe. We are experts at treating such conditions as corns, hard skin, cracked heels, verrucae, fungal nails and ingrowing toenails.  We offer spa pedicures and nail painting. We provide orthotics for treatment of flat feet, gait problems, feet, knee and hip pain.

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