It’s been a lovely sociable Christmas and I’ve been fortunate to spend a lot of time with friends and family. Of course, there are often conversations about current ailments and illnesses and as a Podiatrist, I am often asked about foot problems. And I really don’t mind. In fact, I’m delighted to be asked, because, I truly feel that a Podiatrist should be the first person you ask advice from when you have a foot problem.

Maybe it sounds strange that a Podiatrist wouldn’t be the first person you would ask…

Last week, I heard, that my friend’s daughter got a shard of glass in her foot at a party.  Everyone had a go at getting it out, causing much distress to the child and pushing the splinter into the foot further. Something that a Podiatrist is expert at, and we just love removing splinter / glass / animal hairs from feet…its very exciting!

Just this week, I saw a lady who has had a problem with her toe for 3 weeks. It’s really been quite painful, and she’s been unable to wear her normal shoes.  However, rather than give us a call, she’s had 3 trips to the GP and nurse and although she has had good care, neither the GP nor the nurse have really known what the problem was.  At her appointment with me, I was able to assess, diagnose and treat the problem toe and she’s now on the road to recovery.

And then I see a comment of my running group Facebook page asking for what the best website is to buy arch supports from for Plantar Fasciitis that he’s diagnosed himself from Google. 

It seems that if you have a problem with your foot most people ask their friends, neighbours, GP, nurse, mum, postman, Dr Google or dentist before they give us a try!

So, just for clarification, Podiatrists are experts in the foot and it’s conditions. We train to degree level over at least 3 years so that we can assess, diagnose and treat most foot conditions.  We don’t need a GP referral either.  There are times when we need to consult another health professional, but it’s not very often and its one of the very few health professions that you can walk in in pain and walk out pain free. What a job! And I love it!


The 7 strong team of Podiatrists at The Foot Room, Longridge and Broughton provide exceptional HCPC registered Podiatry and Chiropody treatment for corns, hard skin, thickened and fungal nails, verruca and hele pain to the local areas of Fulwood, Preston, Garstang, Whalley and Clitheroe.

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