Recently the Podiatry team at The Foot Room attended a conference to update themselves on recent developments in the profession.

As a requirement of our HCPC registration we must partake in continuous professional development (CPD) to refresh our skills so that we don’t become stale.

When we learn to cut toenails, remove hard skin and treat fungal nails and verrucae, we also spend our 3-year degree course learning about the rest of the body.

  • We learn the complex anatomy of all the bones, nerves, muscles and blood vessels in the legs.
  • We learn about medical conditions of the heart and blood circulation, diseases affecting the brain and mobility, dementia, cancers, connective tissue disorders and diabetes.
  • We learn about the medications required to control these diseases, their side effects and benefits.
  • We learn about dermatology, with special attention to diagnosis of skin cancers.
  • We learn about surgery, hip and knee replacements and foot surgery and when to refer.
  • We learn to administer local anaesthetic.
  • We learn how to resuscitate a patient who is not breathing, or who is in cardiac arrest and we learn how to administer adrenaline in an anaphylactic shock.
  • And we study psychology to help up understand our patients’ needs.
  • All these skills are examined as part of our training and it is these skills that we need to update and make sure we are current with.

When we see a patient for the first time, we ask for information about medical history so that we can decide for ourselves how to give that patient the best and safest care. We perform a check of the circulation and sensation at every new patient appointment to, just for good measure.

So, when you think we are “just doing your feet”, we are also assessing your general health, your circulation, your mental clarity, presence of infection and much more.  Don’t settle for anything less, make sure your health professional is HCPC registered…you can check online at


The Foot Room provide outstanding podiatry and chiropody treatment to the people of Longridge, Preston, Blackburn, Garstang, Fulwood and Broughton. We specialise in verruca treatment, fungal nail treatment, ingrowing toenail surgery, orthotics and sports injuries. We also do amazing spa pedicure and reflexology.

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