So I have been treating feet for over 10 years and living life as a podiatrist is just the norm to me. I know what I do and for some reason, I just presume the world does too…..I rarely discuss my job, or the business I co-own (I guess it just doesn’t really ever come up in conversation) but this past 3 week has taught me, that maybe I should be promoting what I do a little more, as it seems, the job title ‘Podiatrist’, is a name, people are unfamiliar with and what we do at ‘The Foot Room’ isn’t actually obvious at all…. a friend last week, asked me if I could sort out dry, cracked heels? And when I said, ‘of course I can’, she was surprised and this then led us into an in-depth conversation about what we do offer and another friend then joined in and said, ‘I didn’t know you could do so much, what a handy friend you are to have.’

On holiday I was aghast, that our family friends who live in London, visit a beauty therapy clinic, where they use blades (I’m sure this isn’t allowed). They regularly cut people or go too deep with the blade, but when I asked why they went there and not to see a podiatrist, they said, ‘well, can you go and see a podiatrist for a bit of hard skin or cracked heels and then what if I want my nails painting? I didn’t know you could go if you did’t have a medical problem?’…yes, yes, yes, all podiatrists will treat hard skin and cracked heels and many will now offer nail painting as well. I also pointed out, that podiatrists have to follow very strict protocol, sterilisation procedures, infection control etc. You are safe in the hands of a podiatrist, we train at degree level for 3 years before we are let loose and this is all for the safety of the public and ourselves. We train to a very high level, learning pathology, dermatology, pharmacology, biomechanics, paediatrics, infection control etc.  I asked what the beauty therapist does when they have cut someone with the blade and my friend said, ‘oh they don’t do anything, they don’t even re-book to check it is ok?’ My friend didn’t even know if they used a fresh blade on each client!!! oh my, oh my…….

The fact that the general public don’t realise there is a difference in foot specialists, is our fault, we don’t promote ourselves…granted working with feet is an odd career choice and not really a hot topic to be had at most parties but… Everyone knows what a dentist does, what a doctor does, what a physiotherapist does etc but when it comes to feet, people are unsure. All podiatrists are HCPC registered, this means they are fully qualified and continue to meet the standards that are expected of anyone in our health profession. There are many alternative foot professionals out there, who have done varying levels of training, but if you want to be sure, you are getting the safest treatment with the most knowledgeable practitioner, my advice would be, ALWAYS see a podiatrist.

and then another friend in the same week asked if we deal with..his word ‘dodgy nails’…yes, yes, yes, yes we do…..

We literally deal with all things feet. We ARE the foot specialists and you do NOT need a medical problem to come and see us. We are health professionals and we do look at your feet from a medical prospective, but our job is to make you and your feet feel and look better, and we are excellent at doing this.

A recent visit to A & E with a broken 5th metatarsal, allowed me to gain insight into the A & E system and I was shocked to find, that one of the biggest foot complaints they get through the door at A & E is plantar fasciitis. The physiotherapist said I would not believe how many people go daily for that condition…this is not a life threatening condition, nor is it a condition that needs to be seen through A & E, yes it is painful but it is a condition that all podiatrists can help with….So please, if your foot is hurting and you haven’t had an injury and there are no signs of serious infection, please don’t go to A & E, call us and we will probably be able to diagnose and devise you a treatment plan straight away and if we can’t help, we will direct you to somebody that can.

If you have a questions about your feet, and your not sure who to see…call us @thefootroom, Longridge on 01772 378812 and we will be able to help. 

Thanks for reading,

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