I watched a very inspirational documentary a few nights ago about ultrarunner Karl Meltzer, who dreamed of setting the speed record for crossing The Appalachian Trail as long as he had been running. http://www.appalachiantrail.org

The trail runs from Maine to Georgia, stretching 2.190 miles, through 14 states, over varying and very difficult terrain. https://vimeo.com/194934473

In order to reduce the amount of time taken, Karl had to prioritise what to do during his limited rest stops. Eating was high up on his list, getting the calories to continue was critical. Sleeping was important too, but only for a few hours at a time. Showering and personal care was just a bare minimum. However, at every stop the feet took the highest priority. A bowl of warm, soapy water was waiting for him at every rest point. He washed his feet with the care that you would wash a new-born baby. They were dried carefully, any blisters dressed and clean dry socks put on. The comfort of his feet was so critical to him completing his challenge.

This really got me thinking about how vitally important our feet are to our comfort, mobility, hobbies, sport and challenges in life. As if I ever wondered! As a Podiatrist for 26 years I shouldn’t really have been surprised. It really is all about the feet. If we are comfortable in our shoes, our steps are more easily achieved, and goals attained. Perhaps we shouldn’t take them so for-granted?


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