With international women’s day on the horizon, I thought I would take this opportunity to boast a little, and celebrate our achievement as two women/mothers/wives in the business world. A business idea that literally began in pencil on the back of a beer mat. I was a girl who dared to dream, and I shared the dream with a female work colleague, who shared my ambition to go get it.  With excitement in our tummies and the quote ‘the sky is the limit’ imprinted in our minds, we sat in our lunch hour, with a pencil in hand, and the calculations and business plan began. Two personalities so different, with two business minds seeing the future of podiatry in two different lights, it soon became clear that this was quite possibly going to be the making of a successful business team.

Sarah full of dreams in 2010

Jen full of ambition in 2010

The Foot Room dream finally became reality in 2010, after years of NHS work, domiciliary work, managing, working for and starting up other podiatry clinics, both Jen and I combined together and set up The Foot Room in Longridge. Our Story… Back in October 2010 the keys were finally in our possession and the work began. Along with our mothers as receptionists and many an hour worked unpaid, the diaries began to fill and our one chair clinic began to feel like an actual practice. With both of us still working part-time at our other clinics in the area it was only a matter of time before a merge would have to happen. Our clinics were full in a short period of time and a second chair was introduced…the workmen were back and our gorgeous waiting area became a podiatry cubicle, we took the plunge, we could now work side by side on a more regular basis.

As an ever increasing business, it became apparent that a new member of staff would be needed to join the team; a receptionist and a podiatrist too. Our treatments were also modified to appeal to our growing clientele. The Foot Room Medi-Pedi was born and we had patients travelling from as far as Manchester to try out our treatments and we were also supplying shoes to customers at that time too. As our business grew, so did my family and due to babies and maternity leave, our fabulous team of podiatrists grew. Since 2014 we have tripled in size and now have a unique and specialised team. There are 7 podiatrists, including Ben our biomechanical/musculo-skeletal specialist, Alice, who is Lacuna trained (Fungal Nail Treatment), Faulkner method trained (Verruca treatment) and has a keen interest in biomechanics. Kath who is an expert in the high risk foot and neurological disorders and Cathy and Caroline who are both trained in Medical Pedicures and Swift (a specialised verruca treatment). Most recently Sue our reflexologist has joined the team. We also have a wonderful team of receptionists who are critical to the running of The Foot Room: Jen, Carole and Niamh.

Most of our fabulous team, celebrating at Christmas.

In April 2018, our 2 chair clinic required expansion, and so we transformed the flat upstairs into a luxury treatment area, including a spa room, a biomechanical clinic, staff room and office. We now have a specialised Verruca and Fungal nail treatment room too, where we carry out many different treatments including Swift, Faulkner and Lacuna. We have also started offering contracts to residential/nursing homes and we visit those on a weekly basis. At the beginning of 2018 we also introduced our domiciliary service for anyone who is house bound and in 2019 opened up our clinic in Broughton.

One of our new treatment rooms.

Our practice is now a fully functional, light, bright, modern podiatry clinic, with the most fabulous team. If one podiatrist doesn’t know the answer, another one will. We are very proud of our team, but most of all we really appreciate all our wonderful patients, some of whom have supported us from the very beginning, many we would now call friends.

We look forward to continuing treating the people of Longridge and surrounding areas for many years to come… and for anyone out there who dares to dream, go and make it a reality…we were just two girls with hearts full of dreams and heads full of ambition…

‘The sky is the limit’, if you believe that, anything is possible.

Thanks for reading…


The Foot Room, providing a full range of Podiatry and Chiropody treatments including Swift verruca treatment, spa pedicures, ingrowing toenails, fungal nail treatments, cracked heels, corns and orthotics to the people of Longridge, Broughton, Preston, Fulwood, Clitheroe, Whalley, Blackburn and Garstang.

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